My writing

I’ve had the opportunity and the need to share ideas and learning in different written formats in recent years. A list was just right for counting down to an ethical Christmas. An article enabled me to muse on sustainable consumption and when enough is enough. A policy paper let me discuss how a new perspective on waste can tackle inequality. To see more of where I’ve written on the printed page and online, scroll on down.

Want to work together? 

If you’re interested in chatting generally or exploring specifically how we could work together in anyway, please do get in touch or send me an email at I am always keen to see how I can work with individuals or organisations dedicated to similar ideas around intentional, ethical, sustainable living.


Lifestyle In Print

I write regular features for Clarity magazine, which aims to challenging perceptions and bringing truth into day-to-day life for students and twenties.

Lifestyle Online

Sustainable living has, unsurprisingly, been a theme. I’ve written guest posts for WeAreTearfund about the 12 days of zero waste Christmas and why I no longer boycott Black Friday. I looked at consumption in my article for Threads on when is enough, enough? and my guest post for Joy in Enough about how we need to savour what we want to save.

Since joining my local lifeboat crew, I’ve started interviewing other women who crew lifeboats across the UK and Ireland. Meet Sam, Emma, Stef and Manon.

I’ve dug into and shared some of my own story, including how a woman called Ruth taught me to be brave, and how David Attenborough changed my life.

Research and Policy

I have worked and written for charities and a university to promote and support a transition to more sustainable living and education, policies and practices. I have co-authored a number of papers about consumption, development, and sustainable behaviour change and learning, which you can find on my ResearchGate profile.

My essay ‘The sky’s the limit for the circular economy’ was published on the policy blog Bright Blue. I contribute regularly to Just Policy, a blog dedicated to provoking discussion about policies and practices which will deliver justice for those living in poverty.