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I’ve had the opportunity and the need to share different ideas, learning, stories in recent years. Some of them are deeply personal; others have been global in their scope. Many of them are signposted below.

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Want to chatting generally or exploring specifically how we could work together in any way? I am always keen to see how I can work with individuals or organisations dedicated to similar ideas around intentional, ethical, sustainable living.

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Poem and essay in the edited collection, Words for a Dying World: Stories of Grief and Courage from the Global Church (published December 2020) 

How joining the lifeboat crew gave me a community – Richmond and Twickenham Times 

Water, power and women: International Women’s Day 2021 Richmond and Twickenham Times (republished online)

Three inspiring things about the RNLI’s international work – Richmond and Twickenham Times (republished online)

For three years I was a regular columnist for Clarity magazine, which aims to challenging perceptions and bringing truth into day-to-day life for students and twenties. I’ve written about marriage, moon cups, how to survive a five-hour commute, as well as an eco-friendly beauty column, Eve Essentials. A few Clarity blog highlights:


~ interviews ~

Joining a volunteer lifeboat crew in London fired my curiosity about the other women who crew lifeboats. So I’ve started interviewing women across the UK and Ireland. A mini-series was launched on the RNLI online magazine for International Women’s Day 2020. 


~ lifestyle ~

When is enough, enough? – Threads

How David Attenborough changed my life – Tearfund

We need to savour what we want to save – Joy in Enough

A woman called Ruth taught me to be brave – Westminster Chapel

Why I no longer boycott Black Friday – WeAreTearfund

12 days of zero waste Christmas – WeAreTearfund

~ research and policy ~

As a researcher and policy advisor, I have co-authored numerous papers on social justice and environmental sustainability, including:

COP26 – still searching for climate justice

Abundant Africa: our decade to shape the African century

Making Markets Work: The role of livestock markets in building the resilience of pastoralists against drought in Marsabit, Kenya – a joint Tearfund and Food for the Hungry paper

Pioneering Power: Transforming lives through off-grid renewable electricity in Africa and Asia – a joint Tearfund and Overseas Development Institute policy paper

The sky’s the limit for the circular economy – essay for Bright Blue policy blog

Bending the Curve: Best practice interventions for the circular economy in developing countries

Going full circle: Tackling resource reduction and inequality – a joint Tearfund and St Paul’s Institute paper

Social media and sustainable waste management; the University of Southampton journey

Replicating the UN global agreements process through the classroom and negotiation through social media

Global Consensus Is a Dream, but Twitter Is Real: Simulating a Sustainable Development Goals Summit Through Interdisciplinary Classroom Politics and Negotiation by Social Media

Institutional blackout: engaging staff and students in saving energy

Engaging students in sustainability: a view from across tertiary education 

See my ResearchGate profile.