Papier-mâché | Chewed paper
mulling it over,
building up the layers,
seeing what they become.

I am a storyteller and a social justice advocate.

I’ve spent the last ten years working in sustainable development – engaging and supporting people in making choices that are good for people and the environment. I’m still trying to figure that out myself, with my husband and best friend, Tim. 

I am a poet and a writer, with a column in Clarity magazine.  I am also semi-regularly called away from my laptop by the sound of a pager, as volunteer lifeboat crew with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on the River Thames.

I write here about sustainable and intentional living in the every day.

Intentional : not drifting through life but thoughts, ideas and actions that are considered and considerate.

Living : not just conversation, but action with impact.

Every day : a life isolated from society, consumerism, the grid, can sometimes seem the only way to achieve our goals but I hope, and work towards, another way. Trying to live out our values throughout the mundane, the job, the diary….

This desire to live a considered, kind and impactful life manifests specifically in the things we:

Choose : it is inescapable that the decisions we make impact on people and the environment. We can choose whether these impacts empower people and enhance creation, or whether they tear both down.

Speak : words are beautiful in their aesthetic, powerful in their use. I am inspired by the words of others. I want to use and arrange mine better and better.

Make : After years of declaring myself ‘not creative’, I’ve discovered the joy of using my hands to create. As well as refreshing my soul and adorning our house and my person, I aim for my craft endeavours to be considerate of people and the planet.

These areas relate, inform, connect with each other. They are layer upon layer, building up gradually, taking shape as a life that I am glad to be living. The making, the words, the choices all inform each other and the overall picture. It’s not all about the finished product; it’s about capturing and sharing the learning along the way.

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I own the rights to all material on this blog. All content belongs to me unless otherwise stated. Any other content will be credited to the best of my ability; if you find anything that hasn’t been sufficiently credited, please get in touch and I will be happy to change it. If you feature any of this content, please likewise credit this blog. All information on this personal blog is for interest only; anything used is done so at your own risk. Especially if it involves a staple gun.

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