Autumn 2018 // Spurred on by kindness (mostly to ourselves)

Photograph of a window with six panes of glass, taken from the inside of the building. The panes of glass are frosted so you can only just see the outline of greenery outside.

“I am committed to this space” I declared through my last blog post.

*two months of silence*

The irony is in no way lost on me. 

And yet, I’m ok with it. Ok with the fact that one area of life required, enforced, benefited from almost full-time attention for a season. And we are learning to be kind to ourselves. Empty the diary and fill the fridge with tasty, easy food. It’s ok to stop baking bread, to get takeout one more time this month, to cancel or say ‘no’, to read all seven Harry Potter books once again (except the end of book five. He was my favourite character; it’s too much). Kindness comes in many forms. 

I have been finding fresh love for our house plants, as the cooler weather has driven us indoors. They are slowly taking over, filling spaces, and finding gaps that we didn’t think existed. We’ve offered respite from the frost to the pelargoniums, and in return they continue to flower; brilliant red against chilled window panes. 

I’ve been flicking through ‘Living and Styling with Plants’, inspiring me for a green, leafy life even as Winter approaches. I sometimes wonder if I’m not better with house plants than garden ones. At least with them we don’t have the slug-induced emotional rollercoaster to endure. That said, we’re enjoying our best garden yet for this season. Flowers from hellebore, heather and winter jasmine. And, much to our surprise, in the first week of December our (normally spring-flowering) clematis started putting on a colourful show. Many things dyed back, buried into the ground. But in other areas, life continues. 

It’s been a thoughtful season. 

About climate change, with the publication of the latest report exploring what a the difference half a degree makes. Quite a big difference, and sobering for thinking about our world is currently headed.

About the fact that issues of injustice aren’t distant; they’re happening on our own streets

About privilege, and how sustainable living movements can be more inclusive, aided very much by listening to this conversation

About memories. The short film, My Grandather’s Memory Book, is a beautiful animation exploring creativity, how we understand the chronology of our own lives and celebrate family.

In many ways this season has had more in common with winter for us. A time of paring back, of hibernation, of burial. We remain kind to ourselves. And part of that is seeing that the season will change. The new year blog posts will get written. The unpublished drafts will find their moment in 2019. And so, though we may be heading deeper into the cold, I am looking to the light; the longer days that beckon from this moment on.

This is part of a regular series on the things that spur me on to keep going with intentional living. What has spurred you on recently?

Today’s soundtrack: Mumford & Sons // Delta

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