Goodbye ads, hello pith


Funny how looking at something on a different screen can make all the difference. When I think about my blog, I think about a number of things. Honesty. Storytelling. Opening up the conversation. I don’t think about cars. And yet, when I looked at one of my posts on a different computer, that is what I was confronted with. An advert. For a car. 

And this seemed immediately discordant with a blog about intentional, ethical living. 

So, after too long a time (not very intentional I know… I’m a work in progress), I’ve gone ad free on the blog*. And now you and I know that you won’t read a post about decluttering just to be marketed to at the bottom of the page. This sits much better with me. I hope it will with you. 

And I wanted to take this moment to reiterate my thanks and commitment to you. That, though the posts have been a little less frequent of late (with other projects stretching my finite time), I am here. And I plan to stay. And I hope you do too.

Finally, with this change, comes a shorter name too: ‘‘. An added bonus, if you will. The older name ( will still direct you here, but a pithier option is available should you want it. 

Just a brief one from me on here today. But I wanted to take a moment to explain why ‘here’ has changed, for the better. 


I don’t rule out all ads in the future. But know that if there are ever ads on this blog again, they will fit with our hopes to live more sustainably. 

Today’s soundtrack: Bille Marten // As Long As

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