2017 Aspirations


I wrote last year about how I prefer to set down ‘aspirations’ compared to ‘resolutions’ at the turn of the new year. In 2016, these aspirations were not a rod for my back (as resolutions can be) but a focal point to return to throughout the year. They focused the mind without disheartening it. By now most resolutions will have fallen by the wayside but, with life’s recent changes, I’m still dreaming for the year ahead.

I’ve been reflecting that my aspirations should be iterative year on year. The aim is to keep moving forward, crafting a life that reflects our values; so each year should build on the former, not take us in a new direction. Sure, there should be space for new ideas and opportunities but they too should stand on the foundations of what went before.

So, how will 2017 build on the year before?


  • We wanted to grow more of our own food in 2016 and we did. We learned a lot, and aim to put it into practice in 2017.
  • We started to look at the chemicals in our home and made some more changes. It turned out I wasn’t very good at sharing that journey with you though; expect a progress report soon.
  • We’ve recently identified a gap between our values and our lives being community. We love it, we think it’s vital. But we’re not always very good at it. We don’t give it the time it needs. In 2017 we want to do better.


  • In 2016 I wanted to – and did – broaden my fiction-focused reading habits to other genres. The Shepherd’s Life was a real highlight. The writing was beautiful, but I also valued this alternative perspective on the familiar. 2016 has been quite a year; one thing it highlighted to me was the need to engage with other perspectives more. Book recommendations for 2017 welcome!
  • I wanted to invest some time in other writing projects. Some progressed, others remain embryonic. I saw my words in print in this brilliant magazine. Equally as exciting, I found the boldness to share some other forms of writing with trusted people around me. I’ve even started conversations about collaborations. Hopefully there’ll be even more fruition in 2017.


  • Just as I was getting psyched up to some bigger sewing projects, the time available to do it had to be reshuffled elsewhere. A few gifts and small projects were completed, but my souvenir fabric from our 2015 Thailand trip is still waiting for the needle and thread. I feel the impetus now so hopefully 2017 will be the year.
  • I branched out a little as hoped, though in an unexpected way. My upcycled Christmas decorations were featured in Clarity magazine – a pleasant turn of events for someone who used to describe themselves as ‘not creative’. In 2017 I want to keep trying new things, adding new skills to my arsenal. I don’t have a particular end in mind, beyond the ability to imagine something and know how to make it so. That seems like enough of an end.

That seems ample for guiding points to shape the year.

What are your 2017 aspirations?


Today’s soundtrack: Billie Marten // Writing of Blues and Yellows

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