November 2016 // Spurred on by moments all too brief

Source: T Kendal

Moments – because they’re worth noting. Brevity – because it’s what’s required.

A vocalised moment: Opus, sonder, liberosis: the dictionary for all the emotions you feel but can’t express.

An uplifting moment: delving into all the online back issues of Conteu magazine.

A significant moment: The UK government joined 110 other countries in ratifying a global agreement to tackle climate change. Just a step in the right direction but a necessary one and worth marking.

A redeemed moment: it was tipping it down with rain but we’d travelled the distance to the South Downs to walk, so walk we would. And glad we were. The rain cleared and we left the path for the fields. Clouds nestled in the hills and finally a glimpse – just visible – of the sea.

A rare moment: it was fifteen minutes before the wildlife park was due to close. We were amongst a handful of people still exploring and in the vicinity to hear the wolf pack begin to howl. The air was still, the night had fallen. We were on the edge of another world, privileged to glimpse it.

A too short moment: We’ve had reason to (all to briefly) consider the impact of the lives of the people around us over the last few years. A moment of Sonder – the realisation of the richness of other people’s lives. I’m glad we could glimpse them.

This is part of a monthly series on the things that spur me on to keep going with intentional living. What has spurred you on recently?

Today’s soundtrack: Bryan and Katie Torwalt // Champion

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