Bringing Clarity


As a teenager I was never much of a magazine reader. I wasn’t sufficiently interested in the topics dominating the magazines marketed at me to consider them worth spending actual pounds on. I invested my money on books instead, erroneously writing off the sector from my interests and my purse. I’ve since discovered there are magazines out there looking at the topics, lifestyle and issues that interest and inspire me (one got a mention in this blog post). Even better, over the last few months I’ve had the privilege of being part of bringing one into being.

Launched by my brilliant, twenty-seven-ideas-a-second, friend Taylor, this magazine is looking at many of the same issues as the mainstream (lifestyle, career, relationships) but from a foundation of edifying and empowering people with truth. None of us live in a void; we are all influenced and impacted by society, media, relationships…. These can have positive impacts, but sometimes they reinforce lies that tear down, rather than build up. It’s not enough to just break with the old harmful ways of thinking; we need to fill the gap with good and wholesome truth. That’s what Clarity Magazine is about: challenging perceptions, revealing truth, and releasing the freedom that ensues when we know our identity is not found in another person, a mirror, a job.

It’s been such a privilege to be part of the Clarity so far. The great thing is, you can be part of bringing Clarity into reality too. A Kickstarter has been launched to bring the first issue into reality. The more people who get involved in bringing Clarity into being, the greater impact the magazine can have.

Clarity is primarily targeted at Christian women or those interested in exploring faith and new ideas in the loose 18-25 bracket but the content is full of truth, so it’s going to be a great read for anyone. If you need any further incentive to support it, researching one of the articles I contributed to the magazine involved me applying blended carrots to my face. Want to know more? You can… by supporting the Kickstarter…

I’m not being paid to write this post; I just love the magazine and want to bring it into fruition. I hope you will too!

Update: we’ve gone past our target, which is amazing! But you can still get involved. The target is a floor, not a ceiling so the more people who get involved, the greater reach the magazine can have.

Today’s soundtrack: George Ezra // Wanted On Voyage

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