New series: Spurred on by…


I suspect the life I aspire to is not attainable. That is to say, it isn’t a destination; it’s the journey of a lifetime. Constantly trying to better understand my impact on the lives of others, on this planet we call home. Taking steps to make that impact more positive, loving and kind. Exploring the creativity I didn’t know dwelt within me – with words, with fabrics, with bookshelves, with… I don’t know what else – that’s the point. I don’t live in the expectation that one day I’ll have ‘arrived’. If we achieve ‘one planet living’ (when our impact is not greater than the planet can sustain), then there will always be opportunities to actively have a positive impact, not just minimising the negative. For every word written and shared, scrap of furniture upcycled and fabric sewn, there will remain the possibility of more.

My focus is therefore, not on an end point, but on the manner in which I’ll arrive there. I want to be able to say at the end ‘I ran the race. I finished well’. That I didn’t give up in the face of challenge, of criticism, of a glum national and international outlook for the world. That I claimed each minute for the life I think is worth living. And I know that each of those steps is gained, not just by my own efforts, but by the impact of so many other people – the friends who encourage, the journalists who report, the activists who keep speaking up and acting out, the creatives who inspire and challenge.

I don’t think it’s possible to run the race well in isolation. In this series, I want to give recognition to the people who ‘spurred me on’ each month to keep going. For this lifestyle isn’t about a sprint finish; it’s about keeping going for that next month, that next change, that hard sacrifice for the planet, that next challenge to explore new depths of creativity.

In this monthly series I want to give a nod, a virtual hat tip if you will, to the articles, creative endeavours, and people who spur me on from month to month. The things that spur us can give us:

  • the need to carry on: stories, facts, insights into the social injustices, environmental challenges that require us to take action.
  • the empowerment to carry on: knowledge isn’t enough; we need to feel able to make a difference. Here is the place for role models to follow, and tools we’re able to put into use ourselves.
  • the desire to carry on: it won’t always be driven by dire need. It can be a desire for more fun, creativity, lightness of heart in the world. I think a more equal society can be a more beautiful and exciting one too. I believe the obvious – that to fight for the environment we need to spend more time connecting with nature by simply getting outside.

As I share this, I’d love to hear what’s spurring you on too. Let’s run this race well together.

Today’s soundtrack: Puzzle Muteson // En Garde

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