One: a blogging anniversary


So, it’s a been a year since I chose a WordPress template, strung some words together and threw the whole lot into virtual space with bucketfuls of trepidation and a sprinkling of anticipation. A year on, I’ve found enjoyment in the blogging process, learned a lot and been overwhelmed by the positive response from all of you out there.

I started Papier-mâché Thoughts because there were stories to be told that had no platform or vehicle at the time. Attempts to navigate the murky, challenging, exciting world of conscious living. Tales of someone who used to describe herself as ‘uncreative’ not only beginning to make and design, but be bold enough to share them with others and say ‘I did this. You can too’.  A love of words – the arranging and rearranging of them merely for the aesthetic, but also the power they have to change hearts and open minds.

This space has enabled me to not only share those stories, but to actually declare pieces of writing ‘finished’. I am often tempted by the trap of not calling something ‘done’ because, until that moment, it’s still laden with the possibility of being better than it is, maybe even brilliant. Declaring it complete means it simply is what it is. There are a few blog posts that never made it up here but in this last year I’ve made myself content enough with 26 pieces of writing to not only declare the work done, but actually put them in front of readers. That feels like a good achievement.

So, this is a ‘thank you’ to those of you who have taken the time to visit and read this corner of the world. You have been so kind and encouraging. As a small token of thanks to you all, I’m giving you…

  • One fact about me that is unlikely to naturally appear on the blog: My favourite tv show was, is, and ever shall be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is king.
  • One favourite blog post of mine from last year that you should read if you haven’t: Microadventure. It’s the story of two people, their bikes, a sense of freedom and a bag of chips.
  • One teaser for the year to come: I read once (can’t remember where, as usual) that instead of being ‘ME! ME ME!’, life on the internet should be ‘YOU! YOU! YOU!’ I love that sense of celebrating and pointing to others rather than yourself, and am looking to embrace that ethos in the series. Stay tuned…

So, once again….thanks

And, because I found a theme… Today’s soundstrack: U2 & Mary J. Blige: One

Thanks must also go to my husband for all the support. And for the profreading proofreading.

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