For the love of…

Photo credit: T Kendal

…local coffee shops serving delicious lemon drizzle cake.
…being outside, especially by the sea.
…padding about barefoot in the summer.

This Valentine’s Day the Climate Coalition, which is made up of over 100 organisations including Oxfam and Tearfund, is leading a campaign to raise awareness of how climate change threatens many of the things we love. By wearing a green heart and sharing it with the hashtag #showthelove you can join a nationwide movement demonstrating your concern about climate change and your support for global action.

This campaign is part of a wider initiative ‘For the love of’, where people can share what they personally care about. What I like about this campaign is it takes this global, complex issue and shows what it means for the individual and what they care about – tea, rugby, seeing family, bluebells, popcorn…

Instructions and resources are provided for making a green heart. I opted to crochet mine though*, using the time to remind myself that many are taking action. Sometimes pursuing action on climate change can feel like a lonely slog, but joining in something fun and in solidarity with others can be the uplift we need. It’s good to remember sometimes why we act – for me it’s because I care about the people whose lives it impacts, as well as summers, good coffee, walks beside clean oceans…

And if I didn’t like the campaign already, this performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’ by celebrities supporting it would always have swung me. Beautiful.Crochet heart• Crochet pattern can be found here.

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